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49 North Street
Bedminster, BS3 1EN

+44 (0)117 329 3553

HANGFIRE is a Bristol based art gallery and design studio specialising in graffiti art, street art and contemporary art styles. We create internal and external murals, large format printing, branding and graphic decoration. We have a wide selection of original artwork, prints, clothing, magazines and spray paint in stock to shop online or in store. 


HomeStyle was conceived after paying Cap Matches Color a little home visit, in March (2016). Tucked away somewhere near NYC, we arrived via train to a small town, just outside the city. A short drive found us at the gates to what ithe biggest and best collection of spray paint memorabilia in the the whole U.S of A...if not, most probably, the frickin' world, man. 

After a 10 minutes of meet and greet and nosing through boxes and boxes and crates and crates and cupboards and...you get the deal, we are informed that this was not the half, "Take a look upstairs"...up we went, and there it was, a museum of signs, colour charts, brochures, books, point of sale items and spray cans, lots of spray cans! All set up and in order of brand and colours and even more hidden away, as we invite ourselves to explore this huge archive...20 years of digging right in front of us!

We sat down and talked, had a few beers, it was well good! Such great people, with a passion to preserve a very important element of the Graffiti culture. After returning back to blighty, we realised that we wanted to work on a little project with these guys, they were stoked that we wanted to curate their first ever U.K. based exhibition, from that point on, we started to build on the idea of a show to open in July 2016.

And now it's actually happened!  Thanks to everyone who reached out to our show. We hope you enjoyed this little museum type exhibition. It was so good to put on something a little different, for the writers and people who know and also for those that actually give a shit about this graff thing.

Unfortunately we didn't get to show you 100% of what was meant to be in the show. We had more tins, old signage and merchandise etc shipped from CMC but thanks to U.K. customs, we couldn't get it in time. When the last box finally arrives, we will upload more good-ness.


Thanks to Cap Matches Color and to our sponsors Think Image and Ironlak. Cheers to Jason System for a mega Brighton round trip, just to bring us some much needed HomeStyle cans. Peace to our faith full D.J. Fine Styler and a massive thanks goes TICKZ for his help with putting this together. Much lover brother.

We are waiting to find the memory card of all the photos from the build up and opening night : ( So for now, we'll have to use these.

'Most' of the items are now online to purchase. Go grab a piece whilst you can.     +Shop HOMESTYLE show merch+

'Most' of the items are now online to purchase. Go grab a piece whilst you can. 

+Shop HOMESTYLE show merch+

About HomeStyle:

HomeStyle: Celebrating the history of today's spray paint culture! 

HANGFIRE have teamed up with U.S. based spray brand collectors Cap Matches Color for an exhibition based on the early spray paint brands from over the last four decades. These products and brands have become iconic with in the graffiti culture, so it only seems correct, that in a graffiti world, we celebrate the brands that have enabled us to create and spray!

On display and for purchase will be a strong collection of spray paint memorabilia from the archives of Cap Matches Color and U.K. based collector, Ticks. Also on display will be limited edition prints from worldwide traveller and photographer, Mr. Yoshi. Limited edition prints and clothing from HANGFIRE, plus lots more.

The opening night will have all the usual HANGFIRE frolicsomeness, with drinks and music from7pm, Friday 22nd July



The name 'HomeStyle' pays tribute to the UK-based Plasti-Kote brand who manufactured an important line of polyurethane spray paints in the early 90s that included desirable colours such as: Apricot, Blushing Pink, Cornflower Blue, Powder Blue, Willow Green and more.

These colours were instrumental in many ways and served as some of the first vibrant tones on the UK market, which quickly found their way into every British writer's traditionally dull colour palettes long before the modern paint brands and colour ranges of today.