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49 North Street
Bedminster, BS3 1EN

+44 (0)117 329 3553

HANGFIRE is a Bristol based art gallery and design studio specialising in graffiti art, street art and contemporary art styles. We create internal and external murals, large format printing, branding and graphic decoration. We have a wide selection of original artwork, prints, clothing, magazines and spray paint in stock to shop online or in store. 

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Distant Future - A solo show by Colorsuper

DISTANT FUTURE - A solo show by Colorsuper

Colorsuper is an artist known for explorative artworks embodying a variety of subjects, characters and storylines. Abstract portals, distant worlds and original characters are depicted using a range of art styles ranging from pop-art to Japanese anime.

Using an assortment of contemporary styles, Colorsuper’s artwork contains a narrative that gives a glimpse into a series of unfolding character based and abstract journeys. In 2012 Colorsuper launched his own life- style brand, Super by Colorsuper. The clothing line continues to extract recognisable elements from the visuals within his artworks.

Preview: March 17th 2017. 19:00.

HANGFIRE, 49 North Street, Bedminster, Bristol. BS3 1EN

+- DISTANT FUTURE by Colorsuper -+

March 17th > April 15th


A solo exhibition by COLORSUPER

Colorsuper is a Bristol based artist known for bold explorative artworks embodying a series of subjects, characters and storylines.

With influences from pop-art, surrealism to anime, Colorsuper's work is produced using an array of mediums from illustration to fine art.

Colorsuper's artwork delves into a string of colourful imaginative narratives and characteristic visuals. Portals, distant worlds and original characters are depicted in his distinctively recognisable style.

The show will be previewing at HANGFIRE on Friday March 17th at 7:30pm

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+44 (0)117 329 3553
+44 (0)7479 831148

HANGFIRE: 49 North Street, Bedminster, Bristol. BS3 1EN

Distant Future artwork now online or view and download the catalogue>

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