Drop us an email to hello@wehangfire.com or use the contact form or call landline +44 (0)117 329 3553 or mobile +44 (0)7479 831148

We are here: HANGFIRE, 49 North Street, Bedminster, Bristol. BS3 1EN

Opening Times: Thursday - Saturday 11:00 - 17:00. Sunday 11:00 - 15:00

If you wish to visit outside of our opening hours, please call mobile or email to arrange times

49 North Street
Bedminster, BS3 1EN

+44 (0)117 329 3553

HANGFIRE is a Bristol based art gallery and design studio specialising in graffiti art, street art and contemporary art styles. We create internal and external murals, large format printing, branding and graphic decoration. We have a wide selection of original artwork, prints, clothing, magazines and spray paint in stock to shop online or in store. 


HANGFIRE: Spray paint available in store or online

HANGFIRE is a Bristol based art gallery and creative agency, specialising in contemporary urban art and graffiti art styles. We are dedicated to the creative scene and support our artists. Both online and in store you can find original artwork, prints, clothing, art materials, magazines and books and everything in between.
We stock AVT paints, including IRONLAK, YARDMASTER and SUGAR aerosol spray paint.


Hangfire supplies spray paint and materials from AVT including, SUGAR, YARDMASTER and IRONLAK. Visit the gallery or contact us to place an order:  

email: hello@wehangfire.com  | landline: +44 (0)117 329 3553 | mobile: +44 (0)7479 831148



Ironlak is brought to you by AVT Paints - a company whose core purpose is aimed at quality and value for money. AVT Paints prides itself on our 'more bang for your buck' approach, and we strive to maintain close working business relationships with our partners and associates. AVT relies on sound business principles and ethics as its measure of worthiness to aerosol art consumers. 

AVT Paints was founded in 2002 with the hope of offering the Australian art scene performance at a valued price. In 2004 that dream became reality. With the continued support of our affiliates, retailers and most importantly our customers we will continue to grow our Ironlak range and introduce new and exciting products to the world throughout 2009.

Hangfire price = £3.00


AVT Paints is excited to welcome ‘Sugar Artists Acrylic’ to our family of superior quality 400ml artists’ aerosols.

A revolutionary health conscious formula, with high performance capabilities. Sugar is unlike any aerosol product you’ve ever used.
The world’s first hybrid water and alcohol based acrylic aerosol paint. Sugar is harvested specifically to deliver thehighest quality results for artists, with the lowest possible impact on your health and our environment.

The innovations in aerosol technology have lead to a unique formulation, which combines water with alcohol made from sugarcane to replace petroleum-based solvents. As a result, Sugar contains fewer Volatile Organic Compounds, meaning less toxins absorbed into the user’s body and less environmental impact, while still delivering a superior product that is designed to meet the modern needs of today’s artists.

Vibrant colour. Highly opaque. Matt finish. Soft pressure. UV resistant pigments. Extremely low smell. Clean, crisp control.

Spray smart for a sustainable future.

Hangfire price = £3.50


AVT Paints is pleased to welcome ‘Yard Master’ to our family of superior quality 400ml aerosols.

Yard Master has been developed specifically to cover thick and fast, drying to a diamond-hard satin finish across a colour range reminiscent of classic American spray-paint brands. The first release of Yard Master showcases a nostalgic range of 14 timeless colours that defined an era, remembered fondly but seldom available until now.

Although it performs great on many surfaces, Yard Master prefers to live on steel. Constructed with rust inhibiting properties to help prevent corrosion on metal surfaces, the formula also contains UV resistant properties that will see a coat of paint maintain its youth under all weather conditions. Yard Master uses a special proprietary propellant that doesn’t lose pressure in extreme cold and doesn’t become too high-powered in extreme heat, giving you total control regardless of what Mother Nature throws at you.

Inspired by classics, built to survive. Let your work live on.

Hangfire price = £3.00