Drop us an email to hello@wehangfire.com or use the contact form or call landline +44 (0)117 329 3553 or mobile +44 (0)7479 831148

We are here: HANGFIRE, 49 North Street, Bedminster, Bristol. BS3 1EN

Opening Times: Thursday - Saturday 11:00 - 17:00. Sunday 11:00 - 15:00

If you wish to visit outside of our opening hours, please call mobile or email to arrange times

49 North Street
Bedminster, BS3 1EN

+44 (0)117 329 3553

HANGFIRE is a Bristol based art gallery and design studio specialising in graffiti art, street art and contemporary art styles. We create internal and external murals, large format printing, branding and graphic decoration. We have a wide selection of original artwork, prints, clothing, magazines and spray paint in stock to shop online or in store. 


We were commissioned to create inspiring artwork in a space where a lot of thinking can be achieved!

Jungle Studios asked if we would take on the challenge of producing hand painted mural art over 5 floors, but within the confined spaces of their toilets. Lets not turn our noses up, we thought!

Our long standing relationship with the Soho based recording studio is a strong one, we love working with them on designing creative spaces for employee's and their clients and we looked at these toilets as just another 'creative' space to decorate.

The murals are based on a mash-up of close up random 1950's cartoon style elements and specific studio recording equipment including amp circuitry, microphones, rivets, bolts, not forgetting the odd eyeball or cowboy.

We hope these spaces continue to deliver inspirational thoughts, whilst getting your job done.